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Our history

Leverenzhof has been farmed by our family for more than 400 years and is centrally located in the region Lueneburg Heath, in between the three big cities Bremen, Hamburg and Hannover.

The Leverenzhof continues to farm more than 100 hectares of field, grassland and forest. Its main crops are corn which is used for feeding and for energy production, triticale and sugar beets. Cows and their offspring are kept on the farm as well.

In 1992 we began to offer “Holiday on a Farm” for guests. Today we operate four holiday flats, all four-star certified.

Breeding fishes began as a hobby in 1980. We began with trout and carp for family use only. As the demand for those fish increased every year, we began to expand distribution to friends and relatives. In the late 1990s we decided to operate our fish ponds more professionally and made the first of several significant investments.

Heidefisch GmbH was founded to execute the sales and distribution of our products.

The Managing Director is Stephan Winkelmann and your contact person on all of our fish products is Hermann Winkelmann.