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Welcome to the Heidefisch GmbH

As one of the biggest trout producers in Northern Germany, the Leverenzhof produces approximately 400 tons of salmon trout in spring water per year. Centrally and idyllically located in the middle of the Lueneburg Heath in Northern Germany, we rely on particularly environmentally friendly technologies to save the flora and fauna of the stream. This allows us to offer clear and unpolluted water to the trout to ensure that they can grow stress-free.

On site, in the small village Meinholz which is located near to the Autobahn A7 between Hamburg and Hannover, we harvest the fish in our own EU-certified processing center.

The salmon trout and trout caviar produced by the Leverenzhof are marketed by the Heidefisch GmbH, who also markets product from one other cooperating aquaculture company.

We have the priviledge of selling our trout and caviar worldwide, concentrating mainly on relationships with fish wholesalers.

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