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In house salmon trout production

Our salmon trout are produced using the latest technology and in accordance with the most current standards. We aspire to guarantee a high stability of important environmental parameters such as oxygen, water quality and temperature during the whole production period. Our fish are grown in modern recirculation systems with biofilters which efficiently uses water and minimizes the impact on our water sources, the local streams and springs. Our aquaculture production is designed to be ecofriendly and effective in achieving high quality salmon trout.


We receive our trout seedlings solely from Denmark – and only from EU-certified companies with a health certificate. We visit all partner companies annual to clarify their production status and check the health certificate.
The purchased seedlings have a weight of approximately 10 grams and, as a first step, are grown to approximately 500 to 600 grams in our fry pond which is operated solely with well water. After the trout reach the initial target weight, they are moved to our fattening unit which is operated with well and spring water.
We employ a computer-based precision feeding system to ensure targeted weight is attained.
During the fattening period, the trout are sorted several times to reduce the weight variation within the trout groups. Consequently, these groups can be fed more precisely and appropriately harvested, according to their weight, to fit customer specifications.
The typical trout lifecycle on our farm is 26-30 months. We have been very successful in providing optimal life conditions for our trout. Our conditions enable our trout product to be of the highest caliber and we have been able to avoid disease outbreaks typical in less controlled aquacultures.